Metamorphosis at Udine

Situated right in the centre of Udine/Italy after many years of renovation we have been last weekend at the „Casa Cavazzini“, which is now the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Udine. The building offers 3500 sqm over 3 levels and hosts a permanent collection showing works of De Chirico, Savinio, De Pisis, Carrà and Santomaso, the brothers Dino, Mirko and Afro Basaldella and many more.

At the ground level we got inspired by the temporary exhibition, which will run until January 13, 2013 „Metamorphosis_Behind, After or Beyond“ curated by Patrizia Moroso, showing the first 60 years in business of the company Moroso. You can see designs, images, 3D models, prototypes, one-off pieces and other objects that never went into production or were never shown to the public. It takes a different look to discover what is concealed behind the creative and productive process of a company that has skilfully combined global creativitiy with Italian craftmanship, winning worldwide acclaim thanks to the elan of its unique creations.

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