Latest project

Architect_and_Friends_Villa_Graz_02This is one of the reasons, why we have not been blogging for a while. Have a look on Michael’s website Architect and Friends for more images of this stunning family home, where we combined classic elements to go with the modern lines of the architect Hohensinn. This project in Austria kept us busy, but now work is done and we are ready to head off to Milan for the Salone del Mobile.

Vistacasa featuring Genusswelten Doellerer

Vistacasa_Numero 60We proudly present the 60th issue of Vistacasa, architecture and design magazine from Friuli, where our project Genusswelten Doellerer is featured. With 2014 the magazine will be sent to architects and professionals in the design field in Austria to enhance the collaboration between the two countries. The bilingual part in Italian/German language is curated by Michael and will present companies and craftsmen with their projects from both countries. Happy reading!


DreamroomDays are short, mostly greyish and the last days in the old year are full with preparation for Christmas, finishing work for this year. Wouldn’t it be great to escape for a while? Then slip your shoes off and head to the Dreamroom in Udine/Italy at the Spazioersetti.  This space is entirely dedicated to sound and architecture and it permanently hosts a resident installation made of sinewaves and video projections by Antonio Della Marina and Alessandra Zucchi.

Berlin Tempelhof

TempelhofDuring our stay in Berlin for the Festival of Lights we had the opportunity to visit one of the largest buildings ever, the airport of Berlin Tempelhof. It was first built in 1927, in the mid 1930’s due to growing air traffic, began a massive reconstruction. Being bombed during WW II and rebuilt afterwards, in the late 1940’s it was the airport where planes took off and arrived for the Berlin Airlift. In 2008 the last plane took off and now you can rent the complex for events and fairs.

Berlin’s Festival of Lights

Berlin leuchtetFrom October 4th to 20th 2013 the Festival of Lights in Berlin will take place, where sights and monuments in Berlin will be transformed by illumination and projection. The festival includes various special events such as the arts and culture event “OpenCity“, the “LightRun”, “Jazz in the ministry gardens“ and Sunday sales in shopping centres. When it was organised for the first time in 2005 by Birgit Zander the aim was to concept and establish a world-renowned public event for Germany’s capital, and in 2012 1.5 million guests have been in town for the event!

Venini in pieces

Campana_BrothersAfter our summer break we are back again and ready for everything to come! During our short stay in Venice we felt in love with this beautiful installation of the Campana Brothers with remaining glass pieces from Venini. We like the bold colors, the textures, the size, the combination of traditional craftsmanship and the modern approach.