So here we are, that‘s our first post on our new blog. During the last couple of years we were often asked, what is your next project, how is work going on, where do you get your inspirations from, do you have a special place to recomment to go on our next trip to… This brought us here to get in touch with you all and to take you on our journey inspired by our daily life. As we both love our job as an architect and interior designer along with travelling, exploring and being fascinated we would like you to come with us.

Living and working in Italy, in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, together with our work in the architecture and design field and travelling we are astonished every single day on the variety and love people are putting into their creations, and this can be the most fascinating building you have seen, the most comfortable sofa you ever took a seat on, the most beautiful surface you have ever touched, and much more.

With our open minds – and eyes – we hope to be able to capture all the beauties and to let you participate. So again – welcome, sit back, enjoy and be inspired!


Michael and Johanna

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