Common Ground

The Architecture Biennale at Venezia curated by David Chipperfield is open this year until November 25th under the title Common Ground. We have been there for the preview days on August 27th and 28th. If you have any possibility to go Venice – go there!

We have been inspired especially by the Italian, Russian, German, English and Danish Pavillon at the Giardini – and this year also by the exhibition at the Arsenale.

The topics were Reuse – Rethink – Reduce – Recycle, questions to be asked by ourselves should be: what is architecture, what is our job, how can we do it better, how can we (re)use space and improve existing buildings, how can we influence the architectural future, how does politic influences our work (for example Herzog De Meuron‘s Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg/Germany), and neighbours. So there where coming up a lot questions, not always answers where given, but the most important thing is to start RE – thinking and to RE – value the existing.

Another very interesting aspect for us has been the observation of buildings, when rules and regulations from the „outside“ don‘t work, and which kind of human rules in every day‘s life will always exist. For example the „Torre David“ at Caracas, which is the winning project of the Biennale 2012. Please go and visit their website – it‘s amazing…

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