Barovier e Toso at Cartier in Milan

Cartier Boutique Milano_Barovier TosoIn Milan on Via Montenapoleone in an historic building the restoration work of the Cartier store was recently finished. The creamy and brownish color scheme is the right background for the beautiful jewellery. On the last floor of the building is an apartment situated for receptions and special occasions. But the real highlight of the shop for us is the 10 meter high chandelier, which passes four levels of the building. It was made by Barovier e Toso, one of the last glass maker on the Murano island in Venice, Italy. The company is famous for their creations and the close collaboration with architects and designers to suite various projects worldwide. We had the opportunity to use Barovier for some of our projects – in every single piece you can feel the love they are putting into their products.

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