It’s time to party


The Carneval season is right in front of us and we came across this fabulous decoration of Confetti System, which we thought we have to share with you. The duo Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho are the two artists, stylists and designers behind this name. They are working with simple materials such as tissue paper, cardboard and silk to create interactive objects and also jewellery. They have directed and created installations and sets for fashion brands like Lanvin, Lane Crawford, J. Crew and many more, but also for the music industry such as Beyonce, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Beach House. The duo works also on private celebrations and did installations for example for the American Ballet Theatre, Mercedes Benz,… Not enough with that they have been exhibited in art galleries and museums in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Japan and Holland and their work has been featured in numerous magazines and publications. You can order also some of their ornaments online – so get inspired, make your choice and let’s party!

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