Le Corbusier at the MAXXI

If your travels should bring you to Rome during the next couple of months, then make sure you have some time left for modern art and architecture, and not just the classic part of this amazing city. At the MAXXI – Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI secolo – you can visit the exhibition “L’Italia di Le Corbusier” until  January 17th 2013. It was designed by Zaha Hadid and it is the first museum in Italy entirely for modern art. Arriving on site the street facade is the original one as the surrounding buildings, just if you enter the courtyard the modern part is visible. It offers during warm periods also a playground and meeting place for the neighbors, which in our opinion means that an architect (well known or not) did a good job, if even the people living around are using and enjoying the new environment.

The exhibition about Le Corbusier shows sketches and designs, watercolor paintings and pictures he took on his journeys to Italy, where he got his inspiration from and how it influenced his work as an architect. The project for a hospital in Venice is shown with plans, illustrations and a model, it is really a pity that this work was never realized.

If you have some extra time than just stroll around in this great building, have some coffee at the bar or a quick lunch in the restaurant across the courtyard.

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