For us here at Architect and Friends architecture isn’t just a profession. We consider architecture as part of our daily life and our way of living – in our studio, while we are travelling or when simply looking at things that seem to be almost normal in our daily surroundings, the smallest piece can be some kind of architecture.

Everything is architecture and everybody has a different view when talking about places, homes, shapes, dimensions, textures or materials.

As professional architects and designers we are aware of the latest trends but aren’t addicted to them. We believe that good architecture isn’t just a trend, a project, a piece of furniture or the way of putting things together. It’s all about you, your ideas, your thoughts and your personal point of view. Follow us in our daily work we proudly do in our studio but we also invite you to join us and get inspired by where we go, what we do and what we like in architecture, design, photography and all the rest considered to be part of it.

When it comes to architecture we think that we live in fabulously exciting times and every project tells a story.

Michael Atzenhofer, Architect
Johanna Atzenhofer, Interior Designer

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