1. Nancy Pearlman will be showing the interior and exterior of the Pearlman / Lautner Cabin this weekend. Several foreign and American devotees of Lautner will be taking time off from Modernism Week to drive up to Idyllwild to see the cabin and hear the story of how the Pearlman family, Dr. Carl Pearlman and Agnes Branch Pearlman, bought the ‘unbuildable’ property, then commissioned John Lautner to work with Agnes Branch Pearlman to design what may be the first circular Lautner project.

    In 1957, no contractor would attempt the project. The brother of Agnes Pearlman, Bill Branch, took on the construction. From the Launter blue-prints, Bill Branch built the cabin, working alone, good weather and snow. The difficulty of living and working in the freezing cold led Bill Branch to alter the blue-prints to add a bedroom to the one circular room.

    Nancy Pearlman will be hosting the visits during Saturday and Sunday of Modernism Week, February 22 and 23. Call Nancy Pearlman at 213 705 – 4992. Saturday and Sunday visitors can also call 951 – 659 – 3416.


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