Brise Soleil Grado – Catch of the week – Project by Architect and Friends

Architect and Friends Blog Grado Beach Residence

In one of our latest projects in Italy, a renovation of a beach residence in Grado, we introduced a decorative facade element and handrail made of Greenwood, an eco-compatible hi-tech composite wood.


Greenwood is the result of a research project to protect the Venice lagoon. Originally used for mooring poles and public transport landing stages Greenwood quickly entered the world of architecture and design. It all started with “Deck“, a flooring system that enhances with it’s essential beauty any kind of modern and traditional environment. Shortly after “Brise Soleil” has been introduced which intends to be an architectural component for protection of buildings and environments from sun.



In our project we introduced Brise Soleil as a decorative element and protection against prying eyes combined with Deck on several terraces. Due to the high amount of wood Greenwood is workable like traditional wood combining style and persistence in unfavorable climatic conditions such as at sea or in the mountains.


Our project will be featured by Greenwood soon and we are very proud to publish the first images here.



Click here for more of our Via Milano project.

Images: Architect and Friends, Greenwood (Mario Chemello)

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