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On June 17th, 2016 dezeen posted an article about the concerns and fears of creatives all over the UK. OMA founder Rem Koolhaas says that Britain’s EU Leave campaigners believe they can change England back to the way it was, but don’t understand what that really means.

Koolhaas studied at London’s Architectural Association and in the 2000s OMA and its research arm AMO worked on a series of optimistic projects for the EU, including a proposal for a colourful EU Barcode flag and an exhibition suggesting that a united Europe “could be fun”.

June 24th, 2016 changed everything, at least for the moment because we still don’t believe that the UK will really exit the E.U.


The result, which came through overnight, was split 52 per cent in favour of leave, and 48 per cent remain. Supporters and opposers end up far to close to be really able to make a serious decision as it is an outcome to interpret only with difficulty.

Architects and designers including Richard RogersAmanda LeveteIlse CrawfordPhilippe Malouin and Benjamin Hubert are among those to have expressed their disappointment with the outcome.

What makes the decision even worse is the fact that many people still can’t imagine what a real Brexit could and will be. OK, the E.U. has failed to make important decisions and has failed to lay the foundations for a cooperation between countries and people in many ways but will this decision be the “real deal” for Britain and the European Union? We don’t think so!

If it’s not a together it won’t work!

It’s also up to the people in each country not to see just what’s happening next door. They should finally stop acting helpless and just rely on decisions made in Bruxelles! They should be conscious about their possibilities, their responsibility, even their smallest, otherwise it won’t end well.

EU – Open up to your people and people, open up to your European neighbors!


So what’s next Britain?

Read more comments here.

Images:, OMA, Andrea Angeli



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