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Today we would like to reblog a newsletter from Christopher Kennedy, an interior designer we met in Palm Springs during Modernism Week that speaks for itself:

So many emotions today.

“I am in Chicago to launch a product — and I ought to be excited — but suddenly that seems terribly trivial to talk about. How to process all the emotions of the last 24 hours? Sure, I will march. I will vote. I will donate (not blood, because I am not allowed). But all that does not make me feel better, right now.

I cannot change the gun laws or comfort the victims’ families. And I will not simply pray (though I will do that, too.)

But I can be kind.

Today, as I head to the Neocon convention, I will leave my hotel with a smile, with love in my heart, and I will remember that we are all ONE. On this Earth, together. We are all made of the same divine God particles or cosmic dust — whichever you prefer; I think they are the same — and I will treat people with respect, especially those whom it is easy for me to see as “different.”

I will say “great dress” to the woman in the elevator. I will say please and thank you to the restaurant servers, and leave an extra tip. I will talk to the cab driver and ask about his day. I will hold the elevator. I will accept that last-minute invitation. I will set aside my shyness and sit at the communal table and talk to the young people next to me. I will endeavor to treat everyone I encounter with compassion and kindness, just as I would have them do unto me.

It is when we see ourselves as separate (from each other, from the Earth, from God) that we get into trouble.

I may not be able to change my country, but I can change myself. I cannot change the world, but I can try to make my corner of it a little better. I can do my best to spread a little bit of love. Today.”

Christopher Kennedy


Images: Christopher Kennedy

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