Queen Mimi – Catch of the Week

Architect and Friends Blog Queen Mimi Santa Monica

Our catch of the week is a link to a story we want to share with all our readers.


QUEEN MIMI is an award winning documentary by Yaniv Rokah about 89 year old Mimi Haist. She’s been homeless for 35 years and one night 25 years ago she walked into a Laundromat in Santa Monica where the owners let her stay for the night. Since then dancing and singing Mimi offered laundry services to young actors, creatives and professionals living in and around Santa Monica. Some of them also took the time to ensure they helped their friend.

One of my favorite sayings is, yesterday’s gone, tomorrow’s not here yet, live in the now. I made up my mind a long time ago to be happy.Queen Mimi

Check out this emotional portrait here.


More about Mimi here.

Images: Jennifer Renée, movielala.com, washingdc.net




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