A postcard from Detroit

Detroit 2016 Venice Biennale
Venice Biennale U.S. Pavillion Photography Detroit

Preparing for this year’s Biennale in Venice yesterday we read an interesting article on bustler.net about the U.S. Pavillion we’d like to repost here:

The 2016 U.S. Venice Biennale Pavilion is one step closer to becoming a reality with today’s reveal of the “My Detroit” postcard photo competition winners. Over at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit (MOCAD), U.S. Pavilion co-curators Cynthia Davidson and Monica Ponce de Leon announced the 18 winners. Titled “The Architectural Imagination”, the 2016 exhibition will present 12 speculative architectural projects commissioned for specific sites in Detroit.


In selecting the winners, they picked the photos that were considered as unique individual depictions of Detroit that could also collectively tell a larger story about the present-day city. The photographs will then be printed as postcards and distributed to visitors when the Biennale opens in May.




Images (C): Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Reno, NV. Depot (Michigan Central Station), 2012 – Geoff George, Detroit, MI. Troubled Assets, 2012-2015 – Sara Jane Boyers, Santa Monica, CA. North from Gunnar Birkerts’ 1300 Lafayette East Cooperative, 2015


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