Joan Miró at Villa Manin (Alone at night)

This winter Villa Manin, located next to Udine/Italy hosts an “absolutely worth a visit” exhibition about Joan Miró focused on an intense period of his work starting in 1956 when he moved to Palma de Mallorca. The exhibition brings together an important collection of his works, many of which have never been exhibited in Italy before, linked to a specific moment of his work; an artistic phase extremely fertile and little known, between the early fifties and his death.

If you are next to Venice or Udine or you are currently planning a trip to the area, Villa Manin is a must see and the exhibition is truly worth a visit (open until April 3rd, 2016).

There’s even more about Joan Miro at this New York Times article about a series of exhibitions worldwide until 2018.




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  1. Danke für die Nachricht. Sehr interessant und in jedem Fall einen Besuch wert. Freu mich drauf.

    Greetings from Salzburg.


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