Cuisine Alpine – Andreas Döllerer (or why Andi’s new book should be published in Italian too!

Have you ever tried real “Cuisine Alpine” from Austria at home? After one and a half years of preparation Andreas Döllerer, celebrated chef in Austria, has published his latest book “Cuisine Alpine – Andreas Döllerer”. As it’s not just a simple cook book Andreas invites the reader to a journey into his alpine world, a world where all his creations arise.

Andi presents locally grown products he uses and shows the makers behind them but he also invites you to find out more about him and his family, the “Döllerer’s Genusswelten” Architect and Friends realized between 2010 and 2012 (and we are still working on different parts of the Genusswelten like the new “Döllerer Enoteca” in Kuchl/Austria) – not to forget the receipts he wants to share with everyone.

Join Andreas on a hike through his Alps around Salzburg – in German and English…

Take a look here: Cuisine Alpine – Andreas Döllerer (ISBN 978-3902469-63-2 and ISBN 978-3-902469-64-9)

PS: Andi, you should publish an Italian version of your book too! We are all waiting for “Cuisine Alpine – Andreas Döllerer” in italiano!

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