Richard Meier. Architecture and Design at Bisazza Foundation

Fondazione BisazzaThe Fondazione Bisazza for Design and Contemporary Architecture, a private non profit organisation near Vicenza, is hosting until July 28th a personal exhibition by Richard Meier, who is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of his activity in 2013 since the opening of RMP studio in New York in 1963. It will include some of the most representative works of the famous American architect. The projects presented during the exhibition will showcase his design philosophy for the first time in Italy, with examples of the various types of work he has tackled. The retrospective will include a selection of models, original sketches, renderings, and photographs, in addition to less well-known design products such as some tableware collections. Apart from the presentation of the projects, a separate area will house a site-specific installation expressly designed by the American architect, which will enrich the Bisazza Foundation’s Permanent Collection.

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