Stylish seaside hotel

Lone Hotel RovinjYou cannot live without design and contemporary architecture even when you are on vacation? This could be the right place for your desires in Croatia: the recently opened 5 star design “Lone Hotel” situated at the “Golden Cape Forest Park” and just a 10 minutes walk outside Rovinj. The hotel was designed by the Studio 3LHD, the furniture was designed by Grupa Numen/For Use, the textile décor by the I-GLE studio, the artistic installations in the hotel are works by artists Ivana Franke and Silvio Vujičić, and the hotel’s visual identity was created by the agency Bruketa & Žinić OM, so you can experience during your stay the best of Croatian design even without leaving the hotel. This spring they added the pool area with dining facility,a part from the three in house restaurants, which is beautifully done. A big spa area guarantees total relaxation also during the winter months. After strolling in the centre of Rovinj you could also head down the coast in search for a romantic place for sunbathing and swimming or do a boat tour right from the city harbour.

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