Desert gem


Hotel Lautner

Imagine the desert, a clear sky, crisp air, stars at night, midcentury architecture by John Lautner, interiors and furniture designed by the new owners. Then think, think twice and this is what you could find – at Desert Hot Springs near Palm Springs, California. Interior designer Tracy Beckmann and furniture designer Ryan Trowbridge bought the run down motel designed by John Lautner in 1947, which was planned as a community of over 100 buildings, storefronts and pools on 600 acres. After building the first four-unit prototype and pool, the project came to a halt and it gradually fell into disuse and sat vacant for almost 20 years. For a couple of years it was used as apartments, until 2008, when Tracy and Ryan bought the property and introduced life to this stunning spot. The Hotel Lautner is now the only building designed by John Lautner opened to the public, so if you should get the possibility to be in the area, book a room, bring some food and drinks and just experience the fascinating atmosphere.


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