Hotel Das Stue Berlin

Das Stue BerlinOne month ago the Hotel Das Stue (danish for the German Stube – like livingroom in English) was opened in Berlin, housed in the former Royal Danish Embassy, which was built in the 1930’s. The neo-classical building was designed by architect Johann Emil Schaudt (1871 – 1957). Today, the link between the structures’ historic existence and modern architecture is distinct right from the start. The extension behind the grand main building, designed by the Potsdam architect Annette Axthelm, completes the impressive fusion between old and new. Patricia Urquiola was commissioned as the art director and designer of the public spaces, such as the restaurant and bar. “When I first visited Das Stue, I noticed the ostriches in the zoo and found this environment to be exceptional. I had a vision of a luxurious house in mind, one that combines quality, heritage and contemporary architecture with one another” says Patrizia. Whether you stay in the historic main building or the new extenion: The views of Tiergarten park and the Berlin Zoo are an integrated part of the experience also of the 80 rooms in 5 categories. The hotel offers 2 restaurants of four times Michelin starred Catalonian Chef Paco Pérez. “Cinco” tickles all five senses, from eyes to tongue, and also represents the five fingers of the hand, symbolizing the handcrafted flavours of Pérez’s culinary art. “The Casual” offers all day dining with high quality ingredients and conscious craftsmanship to create a no-frills Mediterranean cuisine.

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