Bulb Bulb

Today we would like to present you a light bulb. A light bulb, you may ask now – what can be so fancy about a light bulb. Not an everyday model, but a very stylish one, not seen yet, with new technology, which gives a great effect on it’s own, and must not be hidden like other new technology ones. Are we getting your attention now? Interested in English craftsmanship, and the work of a young award winning designer? Than we might introduce you Crystal Bulb from the Decanterlight range, designed by Lee Broom. It is individually hand blown, then cut with a classic crystal pattern and etched with his logo. It fits any standard E27 ceiling, wall or lamp fitting, and can be hung solo or in clusters to create an even more elegant effect. It is great for background lighting, as it is also dimmable. Okay, we must say that the price is a little high, but it runs for 45 ooo hours, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

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