Mood Board

Hello, on the today’s post we would like to share the mood board about our inspiration for this blog. It is more a snapshot of the things we carry with us at the moment. So why did we choose the things you can see on the foto? Let’s start with the magazine Elle Decor, a fountain of inspiration of what’s going on in the design field. We are just loving it! Further up you see some working details – even the calculator and the pen look nice. We try to get even the smallest accessories in style, as we are working with them every single day. In this case they are from Muji – we stop in every city we are going to shop their goods. Great designers are creating beautiful simple things for little money. A part from taking the best fotos with a Hasselblad, it also makes the best “CLICK” when you press the button. We have a goose skin every time we take a foto. The Wallpaper Guide is always with us when we are travelling, to give us the right input for exploring the city on a young, hip architectural way. And now you can also download an app – that’s great…But what about the lipstick from Chanel? Well, a little product, that makes every woman happy, with another great “CLICK” when you open it. And a big research just for this click behind it, that’s packaging research at it’s best. The sunglasses from Tom Ford found their way to the mood board because not only for us he is one of the best designers worldwide. A design as simple as shades as cool as from Tom, we admire his work. And now the catalogue from Aspesi, one of our favorite Italian fashion brands. Simple well cut pieces made out of high quality materials from a family run business. And in the stores you will find furniture from Moroso. On the catalogue some tickets from our last trip to Milan, but more of that in the next posts.


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